To help you, we have answered some of the most frequentlyt asked questions. If you need more information or have other questions, please contact us.
What is it made of?
The top and sides are made of solid beech wood sourced from sustainable forests. The base (the white bit) is a honeycomb structure used in the aerospace industry and quite common in furniture
What are the dimensions?
The table is an average size coffee table perfect for apartments and smaller living spaces. The table top is 88x46cm closed and 150x46cm open. The height is 51cm. The cushion is 85x45cm and 3cm thick.

It weighs less than 30kg
Is it ECO friendly?
  • The exterior (table top and sides) is made of solid beech wood, and we haven't skimped on the thickness of the material either; it has been designed to last a long time.
  • FSC Certified sustainable materials, 100% of all materials used are ecological and from fully traced sustainable sources.
  • Our factory is in the EU with some of the strictest environmental policies in the world; they adhere to all the regulations.
  • All packaging is 100% cardboard.
  • The base of the table is lightweight honeycomb which is easier to transport and uses less energy and CO2.
  • The honeycomb structure that is used in the base is a common concept in the aerospace industry for its strength and lightweight properties and is popular in furniture design. This uses 30% less wood to produce thick panels.
  • Board materials follow strictest formaldehyde emission limits (German DIN EN 16516 or US California CARB P2).
  • All our lacquers are acrylic based, cured with UV light, no solvents used. Solvents are harmful for employees and the environment.
Is it easy to open?
Yes. Wood on wood, with the right oil, has a very low friction. Wood on wood has a static friction coefficient of 0.25-0.5 and a kinetic friction coefficient of 0.2. To put this into perspective, waxed wood on wet snow has 0.14 and 0.1 respectively. This means that the table is about double as hard to push open as pushing a sledge on wet snow. Double nothing is still nothing right? :)
Will it slide on carpet or other rough surfaces?
Yes. The table is designed so that the table top is carried mostly by the lubricated grooves in the table top while the legs (or sides of the table top) don't really drag on the floor. Once the table top is stationary and weight is placed on it, these legs act as support so that the table doesn't topple over.
Is it easy to assemble?
Yes. All you need is the allen key (hex key) provided and a screwdriver. You follow the simple instructions provided like any flat packed item of furniture. Our factory has had years of experience supplying furniture to leading global brands, so they have the right experience to make this as easy as possible.
Is the cushion washable?
The cushion cover is easily removable, just open the zip. The covers are machine washable. If you want to buy a new cover, a different colour perhaps, then you can buy them on our webpage.